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Construction Services

Successfully overseeing a construction project requires expertise, experience, a team approach, skillful management, communication and dedication. With over 14 years in business, Maverick Constructors confidently provides all of these attributes to each of its clients.

We consider each project an opportunity to exceed our customer’s expectations. The process starts with our preconstruction department collaboratively working with the client to understand the vision and goals. This allows our team to provide valuable input during the most critical phase of the project. The inclusion of construction management personnel during preconstruction allows for a seamless transition to the construction phase of the project. Every project, no matter the size, receives the same commitment to execution that each client deserves. The end result is a finished product delivered to exceed our clients’ expectations.

Our Process


The most important aspects of a project are handled before ground is ever broken. Maverick Constructors provides essential pre-construction services including but not limited to: conceptual estimating, value engineering, constructability review, scheduling, subcontractor prequalification and input, procurement of long lead-time items, site evaluation/utilization analysis, permitting and building systems analysis.

General Contracting

Successfully overseeing a large-scale construction project from start to finish requires expertise and experience, a team approach, excellent management and communication skills, and a great deal of dedication and determination. Maverick Constructors brings these attributes to every project, coordinating the many activities taking place and keeping all participants working toward a successful completion. Some of the many services we provide to make this complex process not only possible, but reliable and efficient, include scheduling, quality control, cost control, safety, and environmental protection sensitivity.


Our design/build services provide our clients an integrated approach to construction using a collaborative team environment with a focus on the specific needs of each project. Design/build offers operational advantages such as the ability to fast-track work based on the close, contractual relationship between the designer and the builder. Clients who take advantage of this turnkey solution also benefit from costs being minimized, schedules streamlined and efficiencies realized without sacrificing quality or performance. Other benefits include enhanced client control, value engineering, and reduced client risk.